Quick Update! 

Among the major thing happening right now as I type this very very quickly.

1. I just finished playing Theseus in Midsummer Night’s Dream! It was awesome!!! Everyone was great and Mrs. G and Mrs. Jones were so helpful! I loved acting with you guys!

2. I am going to the airport to fly to Washington State in about 6 hours. (I’m leaving at somewhere around 3 in the morning tomorrow… *gulp*) I’m gonna try to update the blog with pics as I’m going to places like Grand Canyon and Angel’s Landing, but I’m not sure if I can…

3. I’m going to the Youth Retreat for the first time EVER in a couple weeks! Can’t wait!

Okay gotta go things are hectic around here… : P

Cya, Kudos, Farewell, and I shall now stop talking!

P.S My right ear is congested and I can’t hear out of it – it feels like there’s a small marble stuck in there but when i went to a friend doctor to have it checked he couldn’t find it – Please pray that whatever is blocking my hearing will go away! Thanks!