Things happen differently in everybody’s life – different events, different friends, different everything. So this blog is just the random thoughts, comments and interpretations through my life – kinda like a journal. But it’s not a journal, it’s a blog.

So, I just post pictures, videos, and text about stuff that happened in my life, stuff that I wished happened in my life, or stuff that happened to someone else – all the while adding whatever I find helpful, interesting, or funny. And thus you end up with a blog that doesn’t really fit into any category.

It’s not a humor blog, it’s not a life blog, it’s not a video or picture blog, it’s not a personal journal blog – it’s sorta all of those merged together.

Okay I’ve been blabbing for long enough. Go ahead an leave a comment on the blog, whether you’re strongly contradicting something I said, talking with someone else, or just saying hi – I’ll appreciate it.