School Started Yet Life Continues!

Augh! Sorry for the lack of posts the last few weeks! I’ve been so insanely busy keeping up with school I haven’t had time to write anything up! Anyway, a few updates:

  • I now have braces! Many of my friends recently got/had braces, and they are all very nice in either telling me that I will die by stab myself with the metal in my mouth, choke to death while I sleep, or have some evil menace plant a super-bomb in my mouth because I look inconspicuous. I prefer to think that my death will be a result of a snowboarding accident or something to do with corn chowder.
  • School is underway and I am flooded with it, literally. A wave of books recently covered our schoolroom and we take turns swimming through them to find each other’s assignments.
  • My iPod was lost yesterday at a Connect Group meeting, survived the rainstorm, and was found by Mr. Hollandsworth (Thank God!) today. My iPod is very resilient and loves a good fight. He said he gave the raindrops several upper-cuts and wild kicks while shouting, “That’s for the apple!”
  • I am considering buying a backhoe and investing in dirt. Somebody told me it never loses its value, so hey, I might as well save up.

Random vid of the day:

Random Song of the Day:

He’s a Pirate by Klaus Badelt, From the Original Motion Picture Pirates of the Caribbean.