Hello all! I’m just visited Washington Seattle and it’s awesome! Here’s some pics of what we did:

Sweet fog…
We went to this market and they had mouth-watering fruit and veggies…

And some not-quite-so good looking veggies…is that even a carrot?

Yeaaaa it’s us!

There was this really awesome country folk band that was really good.
They’re playing in front of the FIRST Starbucks ever.
(How cool is that?)

Wow Apple is really expanding on stuff they sell…
(Do you think I could be a salesperson? I think I’m a little overenthusiastic…)

There was this awesome guy who played a guitar (well!), played a harmonica, balanced a guitar on his chin, spun TWO hulahoops around his waist, and spun in circles all at the same time! This beats the socks off the street performers in DC…wah.

Random wall…Look at my shadow, it seems unreal…

The people in Seattle also have awesome license plates…

…And totem poles in the middle of nowhere.

Well, I probably better stop uploading pics now! I’m in our hotel and am going to my cousin Chris’ wedding tomorrow! (I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome, he’s quite a character as some of you know…wait, he’d better not read this) Our family is leaving to Oregon Monday morning and from there we’re going to California to see the Redwoods. I’ll try to do another blog post with pics of that! Kudos peoples and hope you’re having a good time back in Maryland!