Bike Stolen!

Wow! So I was biking with James, Jonathan, my little sister and a neighborhood friend to the Flower Hill McDonalds. We got there, left our bikes where we could see them, and then went to order. I got some food and walked back to our table. We all say down and started eating, and out of nowhere this guy walks up to our table. He said this:

HimL “Hey man you stole my bike.”
Was he talking to ME?
Him: “You stole my bike dude. That was mine.”
I said, “That’s my bike, I bought it with my money.”
Him: “No its not, you stole it.”
Me: “Dude, I bought that bike!”
Him: “Well that’s my bike and I’m gonna go take it.”
He was grinning cheesily the whole time and I could see two of his friends outside who obviously dared him to make a fool of himself. He started walking away and I thought that the rather strange conversation was over. Not so. He walked out the door and away, then suddenly seemed to change his mind. He walked straight over to my bike, got on, and biked away as fast as he could!
We all ran outside and James and I started biking after him, but he had too much of a headstart and we couldn’t find where he went. I asked several people but they said they hadn’t seen the bike anywhere. I saw a police cruiser and we took off after it. It stopped finally, and I told the policeman about the incident. So a little later, after my mom showed up and she called the police as well, ANOTHER policeman came and we gave all this info about what the stealer dude looked like and kind of bike it was and stuff like that.
Well, that’s that and I am now bikeless. Please keep an eye out for a Green/Blue Huffy Gila bike. If you see one, please call me and let me know! Thank God that no one was hurt and that my bike didn’t cost too much. (It’s worth $200, but I got it for $60!)
Kudos, peace, and McHamburgers.