The Frisbee Incident

So I’m still in Albion, Michigan, and there was a interesting event that happened today. Me, my cousin Charlie (20 yrs. old) and Elise my sister were just passing a frisbee around today. Charlie left about halfway through because he had to meet some more relatives, but me and Elise kept playing. So there’s this really fast flowing river (About 30 ft across and 3~5 ft deep) right near , and I threw the firsbee right into it! Of course, it just HAD to be my cousins frisbee and we all paniced and went crazy trying to get it, but the river was flowing WAY too fast. Chichi (my other sister) went running to get help and Elise and I went running along the river on either side trying to find a place to get it. (yah, yah, we’re prob the only people who would go this crazy over a $15 frisbee, but whateva) This gang of teenagers were shouting at us, “You can do it! Ya dude, keep it up, man!” In a not-exactly-encouraging tone, but I ignored them and kept following. Finally the current slowed, but there was a couple feet drop down to the river and I couldn’t reach the frisbee. I got a stick and kept it near the side of the river, and then my dad came to the rescue. We borrowed a hoe from this random kind person and managed to fish the frisbee out. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! Thus concludes my random ‘adventure’ of the day. I’ll be back tomorrow night! (After a 10 hr drive. RG, no comments plz. 😉