10:31 Senior Challenge Night!

Yipee! I’m now actually ALLOWED to go to 10:31! (No more sneaking myself into the church!) I found the info meeting for the incoming 10:31ers VERY helpful – I hope I get into a awesome Car – Connect Group! (ugh I’m not used to the new name…)

I was really intrigued by the senior challenge night. I especially like Phil and Josh’s challenges – they provoked alot of thought and encouraged me on and many others in our walk with the Lord. I am sure that I will benefit alot from officially being in 10:31!

Kudos peoples, cya this week…AS SCHOOL ENDS!! OH YEA!

-A highly enthusiastic Robomaster

P.S I’ll see many of you at Six Flags this Friday – I’m not absolutely sure of this, but I believe that we have two extra seats available. If you need one, we might just be able to give them to ya. Don’t count on it, tho!