New Format!

Allo peoples!

I messed with the HTML a little, and I found a way to add more sidebars. So I tweaked it some, and now there’s a new format for the blog – (You should’ve been able to tell that if you’re reading this…)

There are now two sidebars – One on the left for stuff like my profile and links, and the one of the right for music and fun stuff – basically whatever is highest in demand. I’m gonna be in the 5k run tomorrow (my goal is to get in the top 20, or beat at least 3 pastors…shouldn’t be too hard. 😉

P.S Oh, if there’s enough of you that don’t like the new look, I’ll change it right back. The blog is goin’ LIVE tomorrow so there’ll be a new post – should have new info about the 5k!